The VZ200
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This site is dedicated to the Dick Smith VZ200 Personal Colour Computer. This computer was marketed in the early 1980s and was only really released in Australia through Dick Smith (Germany seems to have a version of it). My aim is to provide information that is simple and basic enough for beginners to start to use the VZ200. As well, I want to provide the most up to date information on the internet on this unit. I also have a VZ300 which the VZ200 is closly related to and therefore most of the information on this site can be directly transferred to this machine. If you have any questions about anything, just send me an E-Mail at

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VZ-200 Specifications
Z80A running at 3.8MHz clock speed.
8K expandable to 24k, less than 2K for video
Cassette interface, RF modulator and direct video conncectors, I/O connector and expansion connector
45 rubber moving keys, most with four functions
32 x 16 lines text, 64 x 32 graphics in eight colours, 128 x 64 graphics in two sets of four colours.
Single voice with 31 frequencies, nine durations
Basic in ROM, applications programs on cassette


VZ200 is maintained by me Ben Pazolli in Perth, Western Australia. Please E-Mail me at