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To most it will come no suprise that the VZ200 used tapes to store programs. Here is some tips about using tape recorders and replacing them.

The tape recorder can be a frustrating means of storing programs. There is a number of reasons for this. One, it will usually take about 15 seconds to store a small program. Two, it is important to keep written catalogs, otherwise you can lose programs. Three, it can be extremely unreliable. I would like to quickly suggest in this day and age to ditch the dreaded tape recorder and use an Windows computer.
To use another computer all it needs is a line in and line out port on the back. A headphones out port is of no use as it usually means that the sound is being amplified which makes it incompatible with the VZ200. Most desktop computers will have these ports on the back of the computer. Most laptops will not have these ports.
Now to connect just take your stereo to black and red mono cable, and plug the black one into the line in and the red one into line out. Now just use sound recorder and start recording and save the program as normal on your VZ200. Always Verify. To load just after you have typed in load or verify just play the file.
The beauty of this is that you can save with file names. This means that all your programs will be listed on your computer which will make it much easier to organize and keep track of. Also, your computer will have much better quality sound recording so it will almost always get the file the first time. Though I still recommend verifing it.
Tips for using a normal tape recorder are as follow. One, wait about 3 seconds before you start and after you end. Two, it is better to use new tapes rather then old ones with music on them. Three, verify at least two times after saving and if one fails redo it all again.

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