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The biggest problem if you are a beginner to the VZ world, is finding software. By using roms of free programs and a new computer you can create a tape to run on your vz200 of some of the best programs for your vz200.

The first step is to get the software resources for your new computer. The program that I use at the moment and seems to work well is vz2wav, a complimentary application to wav2vz and bundled with vzem. To get the program download it from and click vzem emulator.
The next step is to get the roms. Roms is basically the program in a new computer friendly version. These roms are transferred on two standards that I know of is *.VZ and *.CVZ. I have not seen a program in *.CVZ format and our program does not support it. VZ is undoubtedly the standard. Two sites contain the main source of software. The site above when you click Game Roms provides an excellent catalog of VZ200 games in a beginners friendly interface. Another site with a more extensive collection is at VZ Alive, just go to, and navigate around.
The final thing I recommend you install is Audacity, which is a sound player/recorder. The reason for this is the WAV files the VZ2WAV program creates does not create good WAV files that will play properly in WMP. You can download this program at
Now to get started first of all put your selected VZ file in the same folder as VZ2WAV. Goto RUN and type CMD for Windows XP or Command for older versions.  Now type in CD followed by the address of the folder which you can get from the address bar. Now type VZ2WAV followed by the name of the VZ file and the name of the WAV file you want to create, eg VZ2WAV invaders.vz invaders.wav. If all goes good it should report success.
Now you should open audacity and select open and navigate to the VZ file. Now connect up your cassette recorder by taking its stereo plug and pluggin it into to audio output port (usually connected to your speakers). Make sure your volume is set to full in the system tray. Now press record and run for about 15 seconds. Then press play on the program and make sure, if you have a data indicator light, that it turns on. Once it ends leave the recorder running for about another 15 seconds.
Now you connect it up to your VZ again and hope the game loads. If it doesn't try again. I gave up for about 6 months and then decided one day to try again and it worked. If you really hate it I am considering making a tape for a small fee with most of the programs on it. If you are interested in it or having trouble feel free to email me at

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